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Utar Cover Page For Assignment Apa

Executive Summary The Centre of Foundation Studies is planning to hold a Deepavali celebration for studentsand staff. However, the Centre lacks fund to organize this major event. Thus, the Centre hasdecided to have a 1-day flea market in order to raise fund. Suggest an activity that can beorganized or a product that can be sold at the flea market which can help the Centre to raise fundto organize this event successfully. We as the Student Representative Council decided to join this major event with our boothname “Snacks for Life” to raise fund. Sha Jia Zheng, the event president will lead the eventcommittees with his helping hand of the vice president, Wong Kah Mun. Our “Snacks for Life”faced some financial problem while operating this event. To overcome this problem, we manageto get a sponsor from Malacca to sponsor our club some snacks and cash. Moreover, promotionsare given to students and staffs by buying a total of two ringgit of our snacks will be rewarded asmall free gift. In short, Student Representative Council successfully raised RM 200 for the Centre ofFoundation Studies after the 1-day flea market.

event. Thus, the centre has decided to have a 1-day flea market in order to raise fund. TheUTAR Young Entrepreneur Society (UTAR Y.E.S) has decided to participate in this eventand form a committee named ‘HomeSweetHome’. The ‘HomeSweetHome’ committeeconsists of 6 members in which they are all given different responsibilities to completethe task given during the flea market.The purpose of this flea market is to raise RM15,000 for the Deepavalicelebration. The centre expects to obtain the funds from the stalls which participated inthe flea market. Each stall will contribute their profit to the centre. The flea market willbe held on 1 December 2015 from 8am to 4pm at 1st Floor KB Block, UTAR SungaiLong Campus.The ‘HomeSweetHome’ committee has come out with the idea of sellinghomemade food during the flea market. Poffee Homestyle Stalls had been chosen as thename of our stall and we are going to sell homemade popcorn, coffee and Hokkaidocupcake. The committee expect to earn a net profit of RM800 and contribute it to thecentre as the fund for them to organize the Deepavali celebration successfully.Finally, the committee hopes to obtain approval from the Centre for FoundationStudies so that ‘HomeSweetHome’ committee can set up stall in the flea market to obtainfund for the centre as a solution to solve their problem.

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