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Binary Opposition Essay

Binary Opposition in Novel Frankenstein

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There is some binary opposition in the novel Frankenstein: * Life-Death * Good-Evil * Human-Monster * Right-Wrong * Male-Female * Loyalty-Betrayal * Teacher-Student * Parent-Child * Science-Nature * Protagonist-Antagonist * Success-Failure * Land-Sea * Knowledge-Feeling * Innocence-Guilty * Fire-Ice * Rich-Poor

As for the theme for the Novel Frankenstein, I choose the binary opposition Life-Death. Beside of the fact that there are a lot of characters who died in the novel, for every life or death event, there are always something big to happen that follows. The Life event starts when Victor was born; he was the only child so all of his parents’ attention and love is only…show more content…

That is when they made an agreement, the monster will stay far way from Victor and his family as long as possible, but he has to make another creature as the monster’s wife. Victor, who at first agreed with the deal, later realizes that it could be dangerous if there is more than one monster in this world. He broke his promise which makes the monster angry. It promised to come on his wedding night. After that, the monster killed Henry Clarvel, Victor’s best friend. Victor was not only sad mentally, but he also sick physically because of his sadness. When he started to recover, he marries Elizabeth, but then again, the monster killed Elizabeth in her wedding night. Victor’s father who cannot stand the sadness anymore passed away. These people’s deaths have cause a lot of changes in Victor’s feeling. Victor, who at first afraid of the monster, become more brave to kill the monster by his own hand. That is why he decided to go and find the monster. The story ended with Victor’s death because of his age and tiredness after chasing the monster anywhere. The monster who actually doesn’t have any purpose anymore since Victor passed away, decided to commit suicide by burning itself in the Arctic. So, this story is dominated by the Life-Death events which remark every important and major steps of the story. Victor’s obsession of making living thing, his mixed feelings, his chase-the-monster journey, and the tragedy in his love life, it all starts because of his family member’s

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Binary Opposition of Life of Pi

5401 WordsJan 14th, 201322 Pages

The Binary Opposition Narrative in Life of Pi

李英 2012010285

Abstract: Ever since its publication in 2002, Life of Pi has gained great popularity and high critical acclaim from critical circle. It arose the study of Li of Pi from various angels. But most kinds of analysis about the novel are focus on existing doubts about the story, and the religious symbols in the novels. The binary opposition narrative in the novel discussed rarely. The novel is full of the binary oppositions narrative, these made the story distinctive. By expounding the existence of the binary oppositions in the novel, to reveal the meaning of the novel conveys.
Key words: Binary opposition; Pi; Tiger; Evil; Ego

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Indeed, the tiger behaviors are also quite extraordinary. The tiger in the story acted more like a man, from Pi’s description; Richard Parker is a name of the hunter who caught him, because the mistake of transportation’s work, the tiger’s name exchanged with the name of hunter. Thus, Richard Parker got a man’s name. In the story, Richard Parker used ‘him’ instead of ‘it’, proved the tiger’s personification. Further more, he expressed excessive endures for Pi. He ate the animals and a blind man except Pi. These also can make people re-examine the role of Bengal tiger as well. In the third part, as the only survivor of ship of Pi, he told his all experience on the ocean with Bengal tiger but Japanese Ministry of Transport didn’t believe the story. Then he told another story, the four animals became four people. He described sailor’s broken leg, the ferocious of cook, the kind-hearted mother, and the instinct of Pi. The plot in the second story is correspond to the first story very well. From his state of second story, the research also found the connection with the two story, “So the Taiwanese sailor is the zebra, his mother is the orangutan, the cook is…the hyena? Which mean he is the tiger!”[Chpater-99]
These evidences all proved that the personalized tiger is fantasy. Just as investigator’s conclusion, the Bengal tiger is Pi. Fantasy tiger stands for Pi is a sort of personality

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