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Hsco 509 Case Study

Unformatted text preview: VShata Sampson Started 71/161‘1? 7 PM Submitted .. .. "tit-6151? 9,35uF5-M' . Due Date 71/221‘17 11 59 PM éiéihé" .. .. .. "despised" .. .. Attempt Score 750 out of 50 points hihétiébééd” "2"?"niiiuie'gdui oft hour" .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Instructions 7 - fime limit: 1 hour - 25 multiplerchoice questions - Openebooklopenenotes - Do not hit the BACK button as this will lock you out ofthe quiz - The timer will continue if you leave this quiz without submitting it. Results" Display-"ad "Suubr'nitled' Ans-livers, Fee-'d'ha-Cukm .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. . Question 1 is the belief that one’s culture should serve as the norm in evaluating other cultures, (ch, 1) Selected Answer Ethnocentrism 2 out of 2 points Question 2 refers to a narrow and rigid view of the world and other cultural groups using one’s own cultural groups as a reference (ch, 1) Selected Answer Cultural encapsulation 2 out of 2 points Question 3 All of the folloWing are stages in Poll and Smith's Model of Spiritual Identity except: (ch 2) Selected Answer' Investigation 2 out of 2 points Question 4 Which of the following traits are not associated With individualism? Selected Answer cooperation 2 out of 2 points Question 5 refers to one’s nation of origin, such as France, Kenya, China, or Native America. [ch 1) Selected Answer Nationality Question 6 refers to the sexual or affectional attraction to the same or opposite gender, or both, (ch, 1) Selected Answer Sexual orientation 2 out of 2 points 2 out of 2 points Question 7 lndiViduals from collectivist cultures may be reluctant to seek counseling because (ch, 1) Selected Answer sharing problems could cause a negative perception of one's social groups. 2 out of 2 points Question 8 is the characteristics shared by a particular group such as Asian Americans, females, and those living in poverty, (ch 1) Selected Answer Group culture 2 out of 2 points Question 9 All of these stages were part of Poston's five stages of biracial identity development except? (ch 2) Selected Answer Experimentation 2 out of 2 points Question 10 Which group represents the fastest growing population in the United States and will comprise approximately 29% of the general population by 2050? (ch 1) Selected Answer Hispanichatino 2 out of 2 points Question 11 Which sexual identity model includes Identify Confusion, l‘dentityAssumption, and Commitment? (ch. 2) Selected Answer Troiden's Model of Sexual Identity 2 out of 2 points Question 12 refers to the degree to which individuals identify belonging to subgroups or various culture groups (ch. 1) Selected Answer Cultural identity 2 out of 2 points Question 13 Which of the following trails are not associated With oollectivrsm? (ch. 1) Selected Answer competition 2 out of2 points Question 14 What was the percentage of US. families that reported incomes below the poverty level in 2009? (ch. 1) Selected Answer 14% 2 out of2 points Question 15 2 out 0f2 points describes the degree of identification With a particular sexual orientation. (ch. 1) Selected Answer Sexual identity Question 16 2 out of 2 points refers to commonalities shared by all cultures and humankind. (ch 1) Selected Answer Universal culture Question 17 All of the followmg pieces of legislation addressed discrimination against individuals with disabilities except: (ch. 1) Selected Answer The Social Security Act (1935} 2 out of 2 points Question 18 Which of the following does not indicate socioeconomic status (SES)? (ch. 1) Selected Answer religious atfiliation 2 out of 2 points Question 19 is the blending of masculinity and femininity for both males and females. (ch. 1) Selected Answer Androgyny 2 out of 2 points Question 20 is the arbitrary, socially constructed classification of individuals often based on physical distinctions such as skin color, hair texture, face form, and eye shape (ch. 1) Selected Answer Race 2 out of 2 points Question 21 2 out of 2 points Which model of gender identity development includes PassiveeAcceptance, Revelation, and EmbeddednesseEmanati'on? (ch, 2) Selected Answer Downing and Roush's Model of Feminist Identity Question 22 2 out of 2 points Which of the following terms is not associated with culture? (ch, 1) Selected Answer language Question 23 2 out of 2 points Cultural identity and are of great importance to counselors hecause these constructs provide frameworks that assist in the understanding of client identification Within social and cultural contexts and the effects of culture, ethnicity, race, and acculturation and enculturation processes in counseling, (ch, 2) Selected Answer worldview Question 24 2 out of 2 points Which model of racial identity development stresses the stages of Pre-encounfei: l'mmersion—Emersion, and internalizetron-Commitment? (ch, 2} Selected Answer Cross Nigrescence Model Question 25 2 out of 2 points is a related term that refers to shared characteristics of culture, religion, and language‘ to name a few. (ch. 1) Selected Answer Ethnicity ...
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CASE STUDY 2 Case Study In my case study, I will counsel with Janet on her personal problems she is facing. During my counseling session, I will carefully attempt to pinpoint the sources of Janet’s problems without being too direct or without pressure. Considering she has endured some very harsh and traumatic life experiences, the last thing she needs is for anyone to be insensitive towards her feelings. Throughout our counseling session, I will allow her to express whatever feeling and emotions she needs to vent out in order to gain an understanding and to allow her to feel comfortable with discussing some very personal and intimate details of her life. I will make sure she knows that her feelings; no matter what they are, are hers and no one can tell her how to feel or what to feel. However, it’s my hope to that during our counseling session; Janet will come to the understanding that even though she has experienced these harsh and traumatic experiences, her life still have importance. Janet is in her early 30s and just completed her fourth divorce. Her personal life is in chaos as she has children by three of her former husbands. Janet has struggled with alcohol and drug addictions over the years. She came from a very difficult family as her parents were alcoholics and often fought with each other. Janet was sexually abused by her uncle on more than one occasion when he lived with the family during her early teen years. Janet’s problems with drugs and alcohol began when she was a teenager. “Adult women survivors of childhood sexual abuse may face numerous lifelong challenges. Recommended therapeutic interventions for survivors assume that the process of reliving and exploring the abuse experience leads to psychological healing” (Hodges & Meyers, pg 1).

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